David Mensing grew up in Iowa, surrounded by wide prairies and carefully groomed cornfields. His love of wild places was cultivated by family camping, backpacking and biking trips. When he moved to The West as a young man, he was captivated by its raw beauty.

Mensing's ambition is to know and share that beauty through his work. Not content just to enjoy natural places, Dave seeks to capture and share the experience as a work of art. He has found that striving to contain any moment brings wonderful assurance that the experience is too profound to ever really be contained.

"It is the task of an artist
to place an exclamation point
on common human experience."

David Mensing

David Mensing at work 'in'
the Bitterroot River during
The Dana Gallery Paintout
in Missoula, Montana

"Want Not"
Brinton Museum
Big Horn, Wyoming Permanent Collection


"Anything that is unreasonably good is a work of art.
A work that is more valuable for its virtue than its utility is a work of fine art.
If virtue is its only worth, it is a masterpiece."

The experience of fine art is reminiscent.
It is a recollection of individual beautiful experiences
shared by the artist and the viewer.
We experience beauty with our senses, enhanced by our perceptions.
In sharing my perceptions of a moment, I am sharing the moment
and the beauty of it."

Experiencing beauty (re)assures us of everything to be better,
approaching the Divine.
God's favor defines beauty.
God's invisible qualities - his eternal capability and divine nature -
can be clearly seen in that which he has created."

"I don't paint to express myself - I paint to express God."

David Mensing

Dave has also worked professionally as an Architect and a Camp Director. He is certified as a white-water rafting guide and at one time was talented pole vaulter. In all of his pursuits he has tried to do work that is unreasonably good - work that is art.

For David, each painting is a statement - every aspect of the presentation is important. His architectural background contributes to his compelling designs. He is careful to select a title for each painting that reflects the character and spiritual basis of the work.

David graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, attended Scottsdale Artists School on a full scholarship and has studied extensively with Robert Moore. David currently lives in central Oregon with his wife and their three children.

David Mensing earnestly confesses Jesus Christ as Lord.

David Mensing's work is featured in collections and exhibitions across the nation and around the world. Numerous periodicals have highlighted his work with feature articles and cover images including American Art Collector, Southwest Art and Western Art Collector. Recent national awards include Southwest Art's 'Award of Excellence' in Icons of the West and 'Best of Show' in Art and Soul.

To better know David Mensing and his deepest passion, know and enjoy his art.

Mensing painting during
Art in Action,
a quick-draw event to benefit the CM Russell Museum

H o m e

P o r t f o l i o

B i o g r a p h y

R e s u m e

A u c t i o n

B o o k

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